Bears Booster Club

As a friend of Barclay College, you play a key part in our vibrant community. Beyond the academics, our co-curricular activities, particularly our athletic program, add a special dimension to our institution’s life. We warmly invite you to consider supporting the Barclay Bears athletics. Your contribution can help attract new talent to our college, bringing an added sense of vibrancy to our community.

Why not deepen your connection with us by joining the Barclay Bears Booster Club? It’s a rewarding opportunity to engage further with the Barclay Bears. The Bears Booster Club directly benefit our athletic programs.

By supporting Bears soccer, volleyball, basketball, and cross country, you’re investing in an enriching experience for our athletes. You’re enabling them to represent both Christ and the values of Barclay College in the best possible way.

We welcome your interest and any questions you might have. Please reach out to Ryan Haase via email or give us a call at 800.862.0226 if you want to learn more about the specific needs of our programs. Your involvement truly does make a difference and we appreciate your consideration in supporting Barclay College’s thriving community.