Christian Service prepares you for a life of ministry.

We want Christian Service to become a natural part of your life. Christian Service also allows you to explore various ministry opportunities.

Our Bible college accrediting body, ABHE, requires that we encourage and keep a record of Christian Service hours. Twelve hours are required each semester.

Though we keep track of hours of service, it is not primarily about earning service points, there is a greater purpose. Serving others is about living out the life of Christ who “came not to be served but to serve and to give his life as a ransom for many.” Jesus said, “If you want to find your life, lose it.” When we allow God to lead us in following the Son of God’s example of service to others, we truly experience life.


Time Requirements

Twelve clock hours of service equals one Christian Service Unit. The expectation is that by the time you have studied for eight semesters, you will have earned eight units of Christian Service, which means you would have served for a total of 96 clock hours. Students may serve for more than 12 clock hours per semester; however, only one unit of service may be earned per semester.

Explore Career Opportunities

We encourage you to participate in Christian Service assignments that correlate with your chosen degree program. Some traditional ideas of Christian Service include: children’s and youth ministries, preaching and teaching, caring for the elderly and infirm, leading a Bible study in your neighborhood, singing in the choir, or serving in the Church.

Serve Over the Summer

Summer 营团队 represent the college at various camps throughout the U.S. The summer teams share about Christ with the people they meet and serve, encouraging students at the camp and sharing their experience with Barclay College.

Barclay College Choir Tour 2021

Serving our local and global communities is at the heart of Barclay College! We send out groups over school breaks to serve our communities and be the Light of Christ to all they encounter.