Estate Planning

Our goal is to provide you and your family with all the information you need to make important decisions that affect your estate and assist generations of young people at Barclay College. Each year more and more people are choosing to make arrangements to include Barclay College in their estate planning.

Planned gifts can benefit Barclay College while providing you with tax savings, increased income, or greater inheritance for family members. Estate planning can help you:

  • Generate a secure retirement income
  • Have more income and to be able to fulfill your retirement dreams
  • Provide financial assistance for loved ones
  • Convert appreciated assets into an income stream
  • Reduce the burden of capital gain taxes and income taxes
  • Create a lasting impact and legacy at Barclay College

When you plan a gift to Barclay College through your long-term estate and financial plans, you can give future students the life-changing gift of an education with impact for Christ. You don’t have to be a certain age or extremely wealthy, you just need a plan; and we can assist you as you look forward.

To find out more about Estate and Gift Planning, please contact Mark Miller.