Theatre Arts

Barclay College Theatre provides the unique experience of creating professional quality theatre in a Christ-centered environment.  Christian actors can feel confident in auditioning for any role, knowing they will not be put into any situation that will compromise their faith walk.

The cast and crew dedicate each performance to God and see the opportunity to perform as a chance to share their God-given gifts with others.  When Christ is in the center instead of self, the environment of the theatre becomes a beautiful collaboration of artists.  Barclay College Theatre welcomes both new actors and those with years of experience.

Come join the adventure!

Randi Shetley

Director of Fine Arts

Randi Shetley has been the Director of Fine Arts at Barclay College since 2019.  She has a BA in Theatre Arts from Friends University and a MA in Theatre from Regent University.  Randi has performed professionally on stage, in film, and on television.  Her passion for Christ and theatre makes her the perfect fit for Barclay College.