College Outcomes

Christian Life and Character

  1. Students will understand the need for, meaning, and practice of a personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit.
  2. Students will exhibit a developing and increasingly coherent Christian world view that enables them to apply biblical principles to questions of ethics, compassion, and all other life situations.
  3. Students will have the basic knowledge and ability to minister to others in their own cultural group and across cultural boundaries.

Biblical and Theological Literacy

  1. Students will have a working knowledge of the Bible and essential Christian doctrine.
  2. Students will be equipped with the skills necessary for personal Bible-study and spiritual growth.

    Personal and Professional Abilities

    1. Students will be able to find, process, and apply information, thus having the foundation for becoming a life-long learner.
    2. Students will demonstrate the ability to work productively both independently and in teams.
    3. Students will communicate articulately in written and verbal forms.
    4. Students will possess skills to provide leadership in their chosen profession.

    Enrollment & Retention

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